The Newport Pleasures



Newport Pleasures: 2010 Season thus far.

I must say that the 2010 season hasn't started on the right foot for the pleasures, or the left foot for that matter. This first year team seems as if they don't have any leg to stand on at all. Although the pleasures have been fighting the injury bug this is NO excuse for the 0-6 start these talented young ball players have had. With fielders like "AirJake", the super talented new comer "Seaweed" and Ty-Law holding down the precious real-estate that is the outfield, things will begin to look up for these boys. Big Rick the former highly scouted third baseman has since picked up the duty's of the right fielder to play along with the already ultra capable outfield of the Newport Pleasures. Captain/Bench Coach Joe "Boogie" Accetta is still looking for someone to STEP THE FUCK UP and become the bonafied first baseman.  Other then the slight hole over at first base, the infield looks just as strong as the outfield does. Baby T ( Tavella) does his best Robby Cano impersonation any chance he gets.  Between Squeek-Money and Danny-Lax there is PLENTY of raw talent to get the job done on the left side of the infield, while Boogie and R-Jacked share time at the oh so important pitcher position. All in all i have an optimistic outlook on the rest of the season for the pleasures, to quote the late great Notorious BIG " The sky's the limit" for Coach Accetta and his Squad...  We'll be adding another sure handed fielder this week with the return of King Leonidas, his no fear style of play and always positive attitude will absolutely lift the spirits of the struggling pleasures.

Notable Shout Outs.... Herbert Hoover,  Garth Snow,  Peter Mayhew,  Scott Glassman ( Fuck you and your shitty scheduling),  Ace Ventura, Jimmy Buffet, Jon Janiga, Anybody with dolphin teeth, Katie and Danielle our only loyal fans,  The "It's time to make the donuts guy",  Whoever invented sliding shorts and anyone with a license to chill.      

 -Clive Mooney 

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